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FAWSsit™ SS4040 Super Standard Shower stall comes fully assembles
The only
truly portable
fully assembled shower

No tools needed. Simply unfold, hook up to sink faucet with quick connect attachment, plug in, and shower.
It's just that easy.

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Shower gets delivered and setup.


You will be instructed in shower use.


When you are finished, the shower gets picked up.

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Get a full Manufacturer's Extended Warranty
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Five (5) years on the frame
One (1) year on all other components
B5000 Bariatric Curtain Closed

At FAWSsit™ we believe that nothing is more relaxing and therapeutic than a warm, safe shower. Our portable shower stalls are wheelchair-accessible and easy to use. All you need is a faucet connection and just like that, your shower’s ready!

Showers for Seniors and Disabled Persons

Remodeling the bathroom is not always an option and the alternatives are expensive and unsafe. But with FAWSsit portable shower stalls, it’s possible to stay clean and independent.

Showers for

You need an option for your clients (or loved ones) that is safe for them and makes life easier for you. We’ll help you to get them clean while you stay dry.

Showers for VA and Government Agencies

FAWSsit provides showers for vets, HAZMAT, and emergency services. We work with you to get the showers to the people who need it most.

Showers for Daily Use

There’s a FAWSsit for that! Whether you are a business person who does over-nighters in the office or an outdoorsman who likes to get dirty, FAWSsit has you covered.

Not Sure Which Portable Shower Stall Works Best for You?

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FAWSsit™ Portable Shower Stalls: Our Featured Models

Keep reading to learn how FAWSsit™ provides quality showers that are also safe for all to use.

S2000 Standard

The S2000 Standard is best suited for individuals weighing up to 220 lbs and who do not require footrests on the wheelchair.

FAWSsit R3000 Recliner portable shower stall.

R3000 Recliner

Available sizes from 44″x75″x36″
The R3000 Recliner is perfect for individuals who use a reclining-style wheelchair or a gurney. This model also accommodates a care attendant to assist with bathing.

FAWSsit B5000 Bariatric portable shower stall.

B5000 Bariatric

The B5000 Bariatric is suitable for individuals weighing up to 400 lbs and who require a slightly reclined wheelchair (with a depth not exceeding 45").

Explore Our Full Range of FAWSsit™ Portable Shower Stalls

There is a FAWSsit™ Shower to meet every need. Find your FAWSsit™ now!

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The FAWSsit™ Portable Shower
Can Help You

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Fast and Easy Assembly

It is easy to set up a FAWSsit™ portable shower stall. Your shower will be ready in minutes!

Where Does The Water Go?

You don’t have to wonder where the water goes in a FAWSsit™ shower system.

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FAWSsit™ T4000 Tall shower stall perfect for able bodied persons


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