With FAWSsit™ Portable Showers, A warm Shower is closer than you think.

S2000 Standard Model

Showers for
Seniors & Disabled

When remodeling the bathroom is not an option and the alternatives are expensive and unsafe but staying clean and independent are neccessities.

Showers for

You need an option for your clients that is safe for them and makes life easier for you. Get your clients clean while you stay dry.

Showers for
VA and Gov't Agencies

Showers for vets, hazmat and emergency services. We work with you to get the shower you need to the people who need it most.

Showers for
Everyday Use

There’s a FAWSsit™ for that! Whether you are a business person who does over-nighters in the office or an outdoorsman who likes to get dirty, FAWSsit™ has got you covered.

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Our Featured Models

S2000 Standard

S2000 Standard

For use by individuals weighing up to approximately 220 lbs and who do not require footrests on the wheelchair

R3000 Recliner

R3000 Recliner

For use by individuals who require a reclining style wheelchair or gurney, and who require the assistance of a care attendant for bathing

B5000 Bariatric

B5000 Bariatric

For use by individuals up to 400 lbs, or require a slightly reclined wheelchair whose depth does not exceed 45"

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There is a FAWSsit™ Shower for your every need.
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