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Ordering your FAWSsit™ Portable Shower

The FAWSsit™ Shower is shipped FULLY ASSEMBLED, so no tools or assembly is required upon receipt of the unit. Expedited shipping is available for an additional charge, but standard shipping within the Continental U. S. usually takes approximately 5-7 business days. Our Return Policy is: 30 day return with a 15% restocking fee for unused […]

How Does it Work?

FAWSsit™ Portable Showers set the industry standard for ease of use. The units come completely assembled so no tools or construction are required. The only requirements for a safe, complete, satisfying shower are access to a sink and access to an electric outlet to run the attached pump. Set up is simple: Set the unit […]

Safety and Quality of the FAWSsit™ Showers

The most critical requirements for bathing any individual with disabilities are safety, bathing effectiveness, and ease. At FAWSsit™, we provide completely safe quality showers.  These hallmarks make our FAWSsit™ portable shower the best solution for bathing individuals who cannot remodel for accessibility. Now let’s explore the unique features that are guaranteed to give you a […]


CU School of Pharmacy “Caregiver Tested. Tammy Approved” “Accessible Bathing While Traveling 1209” “Adaptive Technology–The Joys of a Shower” “Bathing Changes from Pediatric to Adolescent to Adult” “Low Cost Shower Alternative” “Raise Your Hand if You Want to go to a Nursing Home to Get a Bath” HME Business “Bath Safety” Clinician Talk “Bariatric Bathing”

Operation & Maintenance

The FAWSsit™ Fold Away Wheelchair Showers require very little maintenance; however there are a few simple tasks which will keep the unit trouble free. Dry off the curtains before storing.The shower curtains are made of vinyl which is imbedded with a germicide to resist mildew.  However, by simply using a small washrag or towel to […]

For Large Contract Purchases

Please contact Steven Seidmeyer, Chief Executive Manager, Care Giver Support Products, LLC at 877-329-7748 or e-mail  

Contracting by other Local, State or Federal Agencies:

(Including the Department of Defense, Federal Emergency Management Services, Homeland Security, Strategic Emergency Planning, Haz-Mat, Fire Departments, and others), please contact the company at the number listed above.

For the VA

To order a shower for a veteran, simply select the appropriate model, and FAX an order to Care Giver Support Products, LLC along with credit card purchasing information. Care Giver Support Products, LLC, is a Minority Owned and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. To order FAWSsit™ portable showers for veterans, please refer to the following […]

Benefits of the FAWSsit™ Fold Away Showers:

The FAWSsit™ portable showers are designed for BOTH individuals with disabilities who require a fully accessible shower, AND able-bodied individuals who wish to have a portable shower unit. For the military, the FAWSsit™ portable showers provide a completely assembled, light weight shower stall which can be used with warm water from any source, including a […]

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