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Accessible Bathing While Traveling

FAWSsit Case being pulled by Judy

Unfortunately, accessible bathing while traveling is not an option for all persons with a disability. Furthermore, the marketplace has been plagued by several substandard options. Quite often, the lack of viable bathing options when traveling has resulted in some people refusing to travel. They have resigned themselves to staying at home, where they have access […]

Bariatric Bathing Solutions

bariatric bathing solutions

Kermit the frog used to say, “It’s not easy being green”. He knew that the world doesn’t always understand how hard being somewhat different can be. The same is only too true for very large individuals, or bariatrics, and especially for the morbidly obese. It’s not easy being big. Issues that are faced by the […]

Bath Safety

bathing safety

Most of us take bathing and bathing safety for granted, but there are millions of clients with disabilities for whom this is either a luxury, or simply not an option.But, the HME/DME industry has more options to address the bathing needs of individuals with disabilities than ever before.And safety no longer needs to be a […]

Raise Your Hand If You Want To Go To A Nursing Home To Get A Bath

raise your hand

No one, huh? Well, the facts are simple: If you cannot address the basic living needs of an individual, including seniors, what is the choice? As baby boomers are in their 60’s, many of them are facing not only the prospect of life in a nursing home themselves in not too many years, but many […]

AANLCP Bathing Article November 2010

So you want to have a normal life even though you have a disability? As they say, “What a concept!!”Unfortunately, for many individuals with disabilities, some activities that are just part of a normal routine for the able-bodied, such as showering, are not an obvious option. If normalcy is the objective for life, just what […]

Bathing Changes from Pediatric to Adolescent to Adult

Kathryn was a 16-year-old high quad and weighed 130 pounds. Her dad had pulled his back out while attempting to lift her out of her wheelchair to put her onto a bench in the bathtub. He had dropped her more often in recent months, and she really hated even having him involved in her bathing. […]

I Really Did Not Plan to Become a Caregiver

I really did not plan to become a caregiver—it’s just what life handed me when it was least convenient. I was working as a senior health care executive for a major computer corporation when my only sister, and only remaining family member, was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. Suddenly, a decision had […]

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