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Maintaining Personal Hygiene: Home Safety Products for the Elderly

FAWSsit S2000 Standard portable shower stall.

As your loved one gets older, then they no longer move as fast as they would like. These mobility challenges can hinder their ability to maintain their hygiene standards. However, there are several home safety products for the elderly in the marketplace. Let’s explore a few of them and how they can help senior citizens […]

Hygiene for Seniors: How Often Should an Elderly Person Bathe?

Blog image for hygiene for seniors

As people get older, they have less energy to get things done each day. Usually, personal hygiene (specifically bathing) is one of those things that gets neglected. So how often should an elderly bathe? To avoid any skin conditions or infections, a senior should bathe at least once or twice a week. Let’s discuss how […]

What’s the Best Way to Get a Dementia Patient into the Shower?

The elderly may not always like the idea of taking showers or baths. This is especially true for those with Alzheimer’s disease or another kind of dementia. They may have irrational fears, as they may believe that their caregivers will hurt them, or even that the water is dangerous. Therefore, it’s usually difficult to get […]

The Effects of Poor Hygiene and How to Overcome the Challenges

Personal hygiene: it’s one of those delicate topics, but one that must be addressed. The effects of poor hygiene are far-reaching beyond the obvious health concerns. Failing to frequently wash your hands, brush your teeth, and take showers doesn’t just affect you. It affects everyone you interact with. So let’s talk about poor personal hygiene, […]

Why Do Seniors Keep Falling Especially in the Bathroom?

Bathrooms tend to have naturally slippery surfaces and are often wet. Furthermore, there are sharp edges that pose additional hazards. This makes them hazardous for older people or for those who are living with chronic health issues. Are you wondering: “Why do seniors keep falling, especially in the bathroom?” Then keep reading as we explore […]

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