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Dementia 101 In 101 Seconds


  VIDEO: Understand dementia better. Get helpful insights and key facts. In English & Spanish: The 36-Hour Day CARING FOR DEMENTIA: “Continues to be the ‘bible’ of recommendation for any caregiver whose family member suffers from a dementia such as Alzheimer’s.” — Bookwatch Learn more about “The 36-Hour Day”. MORE INFORMATION: The National Institutes of […]

7 Stages Of Alzheimer’s

Number seven

  THE SEVEN STAGES OF ALZHEIMER’S are helpful in finding the words to discuss Alzheimer’s. Caregivers find them particularly useful in support groups, as well as in conversations with doctors, family and care professionals. Although the progression of Alzheimer’s disease can be slowed down today thanks to today’s medications, it cannot as of yet be […]

Handling Hallucinations & Visual Confusion In Dementia

Sad senior man holding glasses, and covering eye of his hand

  VIDEO: Dementia can make it difficult to recognize familiar faces, or even trigger hallucinations. Lewy body dementia is particularly susceptible to such visual problems. Watch Stanford’s Dr. Kirshner answer a few questions on the topic.     For a more in-depth look at this subject, go to the following article: Capgras Syndrome: When Dementia […]

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