Alzheimer's and
Personal Hygiene

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Ways FAWSsit™ Can help

Start using the FAWSsit™ Shower early so the patient can get used to the shower and the process of using it.

Make the environment as comfortable as possible. Ensure the room is warm enough and properly lit. Add some soft music to have a calming space.

Make sure you have everything needed for the shower in a convenient, easy to find place. The FAWSsit™ Shower comes with 2 sundries bags that can hold sponges, soap and shampoo for easy access.

Check the water temperature before placing the patient in the shower. Letting the water run on their hand first with the included handheld shower head can make them more assured when they enter the shower.

Encourage the patient to do as much as they can themselves. If they need assistance, keep them involved. Give them a task like holding the towel. Use encouragement like, “You are doing a great job.”

Some people may be self-conscious about being naked.  The FAWSsit™ Shower has a privacy curtain that can be closed to make the person feel more comfortable and ease anxiety.

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FAWSsit™ Showers come in 7 sizes to fit all of your showering needs. Shower chairs and separate pump casings are also available to make bathing as safe and comfortable as possible.

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