Cutomer Reviews

Barbara S

We loved the shower! It enabled my husband to shower with ease every day when he hadn’t been able to shower in our town house for months! Barbara S, RN, Signal Hill, California

Max B

We used the portable shower last Sunday for Patsy’s first shower at home in near two years. She was thrilled. Because of her mobility issues, we have some procedural things to smooth out a bit, but it went very well. Max B, Northern California

Larry Weinstein

“The FAWSsit shower is the first truly new and exciting bathing product for seniors. This allows Seniors who rent, who live with family, or who want to travel the availability of a shower.” Larry Weinstein, AARP’s National Livable Homes Consultant

Deborah H

“The FAWSsit Shower has made an incredible difference in our daily rountine. We used to get up at 6:00am so I could shower my husband in the women’s locker room at the gym in our Condo. Now I can shower him any time of the day. Obviously <CGSP> is a concerned and caring Company. We …

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new man

I really love your product. I cannot believe what a difference it makes when you really feel clean. It makes me feel like a new man. Nothing feels better than a warm shower!

Eric R

Thank you so much for delivering my shower at the last moment. My first shower made me feel like a new man!!! Thank you for given that personal touch for those in need. Sincerely Eric R. Northern California

New Customer

We recently received this great letter from a new customer. Please take some time to share this with us. Debbie made some great suggestions for use of their FAWSsit™ that we are considering. We have included her letter verbatim, only removing the personal address and phone numbers. READ THE LETTER


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