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CGSP and the National WheelChair Games

CGSP and the National WheelChair Games

by Sarah Lopez

Care Giver Support Products, Inc. (CGSP) was proud to support disabled veterans in June 2005 at the National Wheelchair Games in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “We are honored to have the opportunity to support Vets in this manner”, says Judith Seidmeyer of CGSP. The National Wheelchair Games are sponsored by the Veterans Administration (VA) and the Paralyzed Veterans Association (PVA).

CGSP, manufacturer of the FAWSsit™, – a portable, foldaway, self contained shower – demonstrated their product to almost everyone in attendance. Sponsoring disabled veteran athlete Darwin Holmes, CGSP enjoyed a warm reception from vets arriving in Minneapolis from all over the U.S.A. Holmes, who began using the FAWSsit™ after being introduced to the product and the company at the Abilities Expo in Anaheim, California, took home Gold Medals in Swimming and the Slolem. Holmes utilized his FAWSsit™ at the pool to rinse off, but more importantly, to regulate his body temperature after his swim.

The management team from CGSP was personally invited by the PVA’s own Mike Delaney to attend a reception honoring veterans of the Iraq War that were newly disabled. Larry Arnold, Manufacturing Director for CGSP, said, “The event was so powerful. It reminded us all of why we are here.” CGSP graciously donated monies to a fund instituted specifically for these young men and women.

CGSP plans to continue its support of the National Wheelchair Games. Seidmeyer says, “We are looking forward to working closely with both the PVA and the VA to get the FAWSsit shower made available to all veterans in wheelchairs, but particularly those who are returning from Iraq who have not yet had the opportunity to have their homes remodeled.“

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