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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you buy

The bath water is removed by a commercial grade pump that is attached at the rear of the shower frame. When the pump is powered on, it removes water at the rate of 2-3 gallons per minute. Bath water is exited through the  pump via a drain hose. This pump is engineered to run wet (with water) or dry (no water).
The question of mold development is not unique to the use of the FAWSsit™ Shower. Any area exposed to frequent warm to hot water flow should be properly ventilated to avoid the development of mold or moisture damage.

The FAWSsit Shower is manufactured in 5 different models.
The S2000 standard shower weighs 28.5 lbs.
The SS4040 super standard shower weighs 32 lbs.
The B5000 bariatric shower weighs 40 lbs.
The R3000 recliner shower weighs 44 lbs.
The T4000 tall shower weighs 45 lbs.

The FAWSsit showers are 4 different heights.
The S2000 standard shower is 48 inches tall.
The SS4040 super standard shower is 48 inches tall.
The B5000 Bariatric shower is 44 inches tall.
The R3000 Recliner shower is 36 inches tall.
The T4000 Tall shower is 72 inches tall.

You should allow for approximately three feet around the front, both sides to better assist someone with their bath. The rear of the shower will usually be backed to your water source.

There is no need for the care attendant to get into the shower with you. The FAWSsit™ showers are built so that the care attendant can assist you from the outside of the shower versus having to get inside.

We ship all our FAWSsit™ showers with a minimum of 15 feet of hoses. If longer hose is needed, ask your dealer include that request with your order. We can accommodate up to 30 feet of hose length, per the manufacturer’s pump requirements.

No tools are needed. The showers are shipped fully assembled. Setup is less than 5 minutes, less once you use it a few times.

The shower sprayer attaches to the faucet via the attached Quick Connect Adapter. The faucet aerator will need to be replaced with the included Elongated Aerator which also comes with an adapter, just in case. Once the aerator is installed on the faucet, the Quick Connect Adapter clicks on for a water tight connection.

See a demo in our Unboxing Video.

You should keep your dealer contact information in a file where you can easily get to it in the event of a service issue with your FAWSsit™ Shower. If you can’t find that information you can call our manufacturers toll free number at 1-877-329-7748 for assistance. Make sure you have your proof of purchase information available for warranty purposes.

First, make sure that the unit is plugged into a grounded 3 prong electrical plug. Make sure that you have a green light on the electrical plug adaptor that plugs into the electrical wall socket. Second, if the power light on your electrical plug is not glowing green, you may have tripped the electrical circuit. Locate the proper circuit and ensure that it’s turned on. If you have a green light but the pump still does not come on, call your dealer for assistance.

Turn the pump off. Wait a minute or two before turning it back on. In that time period,  check to make sure that your exit shower hose in your shower pan is pushed into the  brown mesh cover and not sticking up above the water line. Also make sure that your shower chair is not pinching the shower hose in the bath pan with the wheels of the shower chair. Turn the pump back on, if it still does not pump water, call your dealer for assistance.

We recommend that you clean your shower at least twice a month by adding a light bleach solution (about one cup of bleach added to 2-3 gallons of fresh water.) Slosh it around to disinfect all of the pan. Then turn on the water pump and let it pump the bleach solution through the pump and hoses. You should also wipe down the shower curtains and shower pan after each use. Clean the filter mesh after each use as well.

If you wipe your curtains down after each use, it should last a long time. Some clients like to refresh their shower with new curtains once every year. They can be purchased from your dealer or by contacting us at 1-877-329-7748.

We have shower units in service for over 6 years. If cleaned and used carefully, it should last you several years.

Yes, in fact the FAWSsit™ S2000 standard shower unit has a hard sided travel case built for traveling. It comes with wheels and a handle on the opposite end to pull it with. Also built on the side are two handles for easy pick up or carrying. Stores flat to 8 inches in thickness. Call your dealer for specific pricing on the FAWSsit™ hard sided travel case. For the other FAWSsit™ shower units, no travel cases are available at this time.

No, it’s not a good idea to store your FAWSsit shower in temperatures below 32 degree. The water pump still contains a small amount of water in the pump motor. It’s best kept in a room above 55 degrees.

After you buy

The FAWSsit™ Portable Showers are fully assembled and require no tools or assembly. Instructions for set up at the sink are included, and only require unfolding the frame, attaching the Velcro support strips for the waste water drain pan to the shower frame, plugging in the frame-mounted pump to a grounded 110V power outlet, and attaching the shower head to the sink faucet.

Because the FAWSsit™ is a fully assembled unit, and because the pump will be removing the waste water while the shower is underway, there will be very little to do upon shower completion. First, open the front Velcro straps and lift the bar. Roll out of the shower. After the individual receiving the shower is out and accommodated, then remove any residual water in the waste water pan by running the pump while picking up corners of the waste water pan to direct the last residual water to the back where the suction hose will remove any remaining water. Second, take a small wash rag and wipe residual water from the vinyl curtains and the waste water pan to prevent mildew upon storage. Third, unplug the pump, coil up and hang the GFI plug on the frame using the plastic strap provided to prevent damage in storage. Fourth, remove the shower head attachment for the faucet, then loosen the Velcro straps from the sides of the frame and hang the waste water pan on the back of the shower frame. Finally, fold in the sides of the frame for storage until the next shower.

After each shower, take a tissue and remove any hair or soap residual from the mesh at the back of the shower pan. To keep bacteria from accumulating over time, it is suggested that once a week, or approximately every five showers, it would be well to do the following: Run a few gallons of water into the drain pan and add approximately one cup of chlorine bleach. Swish the solution around in the pan to disinfect the inside of the pan. Then start the pump and pull the waste water up through the pump. This will help disinfect the hoses and the inside of the pump as well as the pan. The shower curtains are germicide embedded to prevent mildew, but it would be a good idea to also wipe the curtains down with the bleach solution as well to help keep the unit disinfected.

Full warranty policy can be found on ORDERING YOUR FAWWSIT™ SHOWER.

Because the FAWSsit™ folds flat when not in use, it can be stored in any number of different locations, including hanging it from brackets on a wall, laying it flat and storing it under a bed, or placing it in a closet. The only restriction is that the storage location should not be allowed to freeze, as there is some residual water in the pump, and damage can occur if allowed to freeze.

Weight of specific models can be found on the individual SHOWER pages.

Yes. Many of the U.S. airlines have already indicated that they will check your FAWSsit™ Portable Shower as Durable Medical Equipment. It should, of course, be contained in a shipping box with original padding. For the S2000 Standard model only there is also a hard-sided travel case on wheels which can be purchased. This makes shipping, transporting, and storing the FAWSsit™ much easier. Call for details (1-877-329-7748).

No. While it is advisable and recommended to use a shower/commode style of wheelchair to ensure the most effective use and longest life, it is possible to use a standard wheelchair with a vinyl seat. Be advised, however, that with repeated use of a regular wheelchair, there may be rust of the wheel bearings over time. Shower/commode wheelchairs do not have this issue.

No. You can use a standard shower bench as well. However, for safety reasons, it is highly recommended that a wheelchair be used to prevent slips, falls or accidents from stepping on a wet shower floor. With the FAWSsit™, the individual who is to receive a shower can be placed in the wheelchair, then rolled into the shower stall, showered in the wheelchair, then rolled back out as soon as the shower is completed. No lifts or transfers are required, so slips and falls are not a concern.

Because of the unique, patented design of the FAWSsit™, the individual can be rolled out as soon as the shower is completed. No need to wait for water to drain or be pumped out. Most of the water will be pumped out during the showering process, but even if a small amount of residual water remains, the pan is designed to direct the water to the back of the pan and will not run out on the floor when the front is opened to allow for rolling out of the unit.

Yes. As soon as water from the faucet starts to run, the pump should be turned on to remove the waste water and return it to the sink drain. The pump has the ability to remove waste water as fast as it runs in, so no real accumulation of water occurs during the showering process. Also, this pump is custom designed for the FAWSsit™ and has been tested for safety by Underwriter Laboratories (UL). It complies with all safety requirements. And, because it is attached to the frame and protected from water exposure by the curtain it does not present risks of water exposure or electrocution as a detached unit could.

No, because of the design of the drain pan and the pump, no water should escape from the drain pan either during or after the shower. However, because the wheels of the wheelchair will get wet during the showering process, it is suggested to place a large towel or rug in front of the FAWSsit™ shower, so that any water on the wheels will not get on the floor.

No. Because the pump is UL listed, it must not be opened or the required seals may be broken. If the pump is opened the warranty will be voided and Care Giver Support Products will not take responsibility for either repair or replacement of the pump. If there are questions regarding the pump function, call 1-877-329-7748 and ask for the Service Department.

CGSP has a relationship with many different wheelchair manufacturers. If you let us know the product you are looking for we may be able to get you a preferred pricing.

The pump comes with a three prong, Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) plug which needs to be plugged into a grounded outlet. Conversion plugs which reduce the three prong to a two prong plug should NOT be used.

Yes, the design and configuration of each of the FAWSsit™ models is specifically determined to allow for the most effective showering and for care attendant access as necessary. The intent is to keep the care attendant on the outside of the shower and dry, while still being able to easily reach in to assist the individual being showered. The height of the unit is determined by the amount of assistance typically required, with the S2000 and SS4040 having a height of 48 inches. To better enable assistance to bariatrics, the height of the B5000 is slightly lower at 44 inches. And, to enable complete bathing assistance for an individual in either a reclining style of wheelchair, or on a gurney, the height is reduced to 36 inches to enable the care attendant full reach and access to give a shower. Also, all models allow for the front curtain to either be closed for privacy during the showering process, or to be left open for additional caregiver access. Water is directed toward the back of the unit by the custom designed drain pan, and the shower head can be mounted as far back as desired on the frame to prevent splashover.

The shower head is designed to be either hand held or mounted on the frame. The clip on design of the arm which holds the shower head allows it to be located anywhere on the frame to enable complete hands-free bathing. If, however, it is preferred to hand hold the shower head, the arm can either be removed and the shower head can be held by the shower arm, or the shower head can be removed also from the shower arm and hand held for easiest access for reaching difficult areas for bathing. Only the FAWSsit™ shower allows for this level of flexibility for showering.

The FAWSsit™ is designed to provide the most flexible sink faucet attachment. It has a rubber cup which fits over most standard sized sink faucets. Because of newer, over-size kitchen faucets, the rubber cup may not fit. Therefore, all FAWSsit™ Portable Showers now ship also with a “universal” adaptor, which can be screwed into the sink faucet where the screen aerator goes, and this converts the end of the faucet to a size which can be accommodated by the rubber cup attachment. While these methods work in over 90% of the situations, there is the occasional faucet which has a design that does not accept either the adaptor or the attachment cup. In those situations, it is suggested that either another sink location in the house be selected, or contact a plumber to either install or modify a sink sprayer for use with the FAWSsit™ shower.

The FAWSsit™ shower comes with a special suction cup which is attached to the end of the waste water hose. Before starting the shower, make sure this suction cup is attached to the inside of the sink next to the drain. This will help ensure that the waste water will go directly down the drain, and the hose will not move during the showering process.

If a kitchen sink is used as the source of water for showering, and the kitchen sink drain is used for waste water removal, it is a good idea to either disinfect the sink after the shower, or at least run sufficient clear, clean water after the shower to ensure that no bacteria are left in the sink. Because of the design of the waste water return hose, it is also usually possible to place the drain hose into the drain to minimize waste water contact with the sink.

The shower head is attached directly to the sink faucet and the water temperature and flow should be set at the faucet. Water flow should not be controlled or restricted anywhere other than at the sink faucet as this can build up back pressure and cause the rubber cup attachment to come off the faucet.

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