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Health Benefits

  • Healthier skin because the entire body can have adequate water to truly cleanse.
  • Decreased infections because bacteria is removed with the water. And, for individuals with more hair on their bodies, soap residue and other irritants are removed.
  • And, because of the ease of transport of the shower unit, even catheter accidents while traveling can be dealt with immediately so prolonged exposure to irritants no longer needs to be an issue.
  • Improved circulation with the stimulation of warm water on extremities. Or, critical body temperature cooling can be easily accomplished. Important for many quadriplegics and others who have diminished abilities to detect body temperature changes.
  • Improved mental and emotional health in knowing that hygiene is more than “just adequate”.
  • SAFE for both the individual with the disability and the care attendant because no transfers or lifts are required to get into a tub or shower. Simply roll the individual into the shower, and once they are bathed, roll them back out to be dried and dressed.

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