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How Does it Work?

FAWSsit™ Portable Showers set the industry standard for ease of use. The units come completely assembled so no tools or construction are required. The only requirements for a safe, complete, satisfying shower are access to a sink and access to an electric outlet to run the attached pump.

Set up is simple:

  1. Set the unit anywhere within 15 ft. reach of a standard sink, and unfold the sides. And if a greater distance is required, just let us know and we will custom manufacture a unit with longer hoses for both the shower head and drain hose up to 30 ft.
  2. Drop the attached vinyl drain pan to the floor and secure the sides with simple Velcro straps. Leave the front open to allow for easy roll in of the wheelchair.
  3. Back the person in the wheelchair into the shower stall, then drop the hinged front support bar down to form the fourth support for the drain pan, and attach the pan with the Velcro strips.
  4. Close the shower curtain in front for privacy, or leave it off to the side for easier caregiver access, as determined by the individual client’s needs and capabilities.
  5. Attach the shower head faucet cup to the sink faucet, and plug the frame-mounted pump into a grounded, 3-prong outlet. Place the waste water drain hose in the sink and secure it with the suction cup.
  6. Set the water temperature at the sink and turn on the pump to remove the wastewater while showering.
  7. Shower away!!
  8. When the shower is completed, simply turn off the faucet, detach the front Velcro strips of the drain pan, lift the bar, and roll out! NO WAITING FOR PAN DRAINAGE!! If a small amount of water remains in the pan, you may leave the pump running, but the pan is designed to prevent wastewater from exiting the pan when the wheelchair is rolled out.
  9. After the client’s needs for getting dried off are addressed, simply turn off the pump, take a light wash rag to wipe any water drops from the curtain and pan, follow the cleaning instructions included with your shower, and reverse the process to fold the unit away for storage.

To learn more about the SAFETY and QUALITY features built into the FAWSsit™ showers, click here.


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