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Maintaining Personal Hygiene: Home Safety Products for the Elderly

FAWSsit S2000 Standard portable shower stall.

Let’s discuss how home safety products for the elderly can make bathing much easier

As your loved one gets older, then they no longer move as fast as they would like. These mobility challenges can hinder their ability to maintain their hygiene standards. However, there are several home safety products for the elderly in the marketplace. Let’s explore a few of them and how they can help senior citizens to complete all hygiene tasks so that they can look and feel their best!

Useful Shower Aids for the Elderly

Elderly persons are often unsteady on their feet and have difficulties navigating the bathroom (especially the bathtub and shower). They may also be afraid of falling and hurting themselves. Therefore, there are several shower aids that can help them to gain confidence and access to all their regular hygiene tasks.

Portable Shower Stalls

Our FAWSsit™ portable showers are valuable shower aids for the elderly


If your elderly relative is having difficulties getting to the bathroom to take a shower, how about bringing the shower to them? It’s all possible with the FAWSsit™ portable showers. All you need is access to a faucet and it’s shower time! Each unit is self-contained and requires zero assembly: it’s the perfect unpack-and-enjoy shower aid!

Bath Lifts

A bath lift is quite useful when your loved one can’t lower into (or lift themselves out of) the bath.

Bath lifts allow elderly persons to sit and have a shower. They can also be lowered to help them safely take a bath if so desired. The individual is secured within the bath lift, so they won’t fall or slump into the water.

Shower Chairs

A shower chair doesn’t have the range of motion of a bath lift. However, it allows an elderly person to comfortably sit and take a shower. These chairs may also come with a convenient opening for a caregiver to easily clean a person while they’re seated.

Bedpans and Pads

Sometimes an elderly person is completely bedridden. Bedpans and pads help to make the toilet process a bit easier to manage.

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