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Operation & Maintenance

The FAWSsit™ Fold Away Wheelchair Showers require very little maintenance; however there are a few simple tasks which will keep the unit trouble free.

  1. Dry off the curtains before storing.
    The shower curtains are made of vinyl which is imbedded with a germicide to resist mildew.  However, by simply using a small washrag or towel to remove the water droplets which remain after the shower is complete, there will be much less chance of mildew or mold forming.
  2. Empty and clean the drain pan after each use.
    When the shower is complete, remove any remaining water in the drain pan by lifting the front of the drain pan to direct the water toward the filter bag at the rear of the pan so that the water can be sucked out by the pump. If there is any waste product, such as hair or residue, on the filter mesh, remove that with tissue and dispose.  Then use a small rag or towel to wipe any remaining water droplets.  The mesh filter over the suction hose is in place to keep hair or other objects from entering the pump.  For this reason, when suctioning the water from the pan, be sure to leave the suction hose INSIDE the mesh filter.
  3. Flatten the pans and curtain when folding to prevent kinks or pinching of the pan or curtains.
    Sides of the shower pan will fold in as the pan is lifted and attached to the back of the shower frame with the Velcro® strip.  Ensuring that these sides are flat will make closing the frame easier and will protect the pan. The curtains should hang straight without kinks when the shower stall is closed for storage.  This will help protect the curtain from damage and from potential mildew formation.
  4. Store power cord in hanging bag or clean, dry area.
    Do not allow power cord to get wet.
  5. Rinse the shower system with a disinfectant at least once a month.
    To ensure that the entire shower system remains clean, pour approximately two gallons of hot water mixed with one cup of chlorine bleach into the drain pan of the FAWSsit shower.  Use this solution with a cleaning rag to wipe down the frame and curtains of the shower stall.  Then slosh the bleach solution around inside the waste water pan to make sure that all of the surface inside the pan is exposed to the bleach solution.  Then start the pump and run the cleaning solution out through the pump and down the drain.  This will make sure that all of the drain hoses as well as the pump are cleaned of germs or mildew.
  6. Turn off the pump when the shower is not in use.
    Although the FAWSsit waste water removal pump is designed to run without a continuous flow of water, it is best to turn it off when there is no water running or water to pump out of the drain pan.  When a shower is completed, it is safe to leave the pump running for a few minutes to remove any residual water, but it is suggested that the pump not be left running for extended periods of time once the water has been removed.
  7. Place towels on the floor outside of the shower stall
    The FAWSsit portable shower stall is designed for use in any room, and is designed to keep the water contained in the unit until it is pumped out and disposed of properly.  However, if the shower head is not aimed inside the shower unit, overspray accidents can happen.  And, wheelchair wheels can hold a little water from the showering.  If they are not dried off before the wheelchair is rolled out of the unit, there can be some water tracks from the water that remains on the wheels. To prevent any floor damage, or slipping potential, place towels or a mat around and in front of the shower.  If any overspray or retained water on the wheels gets outside the shower stall, it will much easier to clean up with the towels or mats already in place.
  8. Call us if you have questions or concerns about the maintenance or operation of your FAWSsit portable shower.
    The FAWSsit Fold Away Wheelchair Shower is designed to be easy and safe to use as well as easy and safe to maintain.  But, with the use of common sense and these basic tips and precautions, potential problems can easily be avoided.  If you encounter a problem, or have any questions on the use or maintenance of the FAWSsit, FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US!!

    Our e-mail address is:  info@cgsp.net
    Our telephone number is:  1-877-FAWSsit (329-7748)


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