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Sponge baths won't do

Warm showers are one of the most basic requirements of a normal life, that feeling of being truly clean. This is a very real challenge for those with disabilities. If you can’t get clean, really clean, there are a host of potential problems—infections, sores and skin breakdown, even breathing issues from inappropriate positioning. Compound those issues with lack of comfort, loss of dignity and often dependence on others. Sponge baths are inadequate and ineffective solutions that should only be used for short term care.  Remodeling a bathroom into an accessible one is very expensive, and simply may not be an option for those on a fixed income or who are renting. Bath transfer chairs and lifts can be awkward and even dangerous.

Provide Safer Care

As an Occupational Therapist, you may spend a lot of time on you feet while working with patients. It can be back breaking, and sometimes dangerous, helping others learn how to do everyday activities like bathing safely and effectively. While your patients’ needs are critical, safety for the therapist is an issue as well – and, the lowest risk position for your patient, is being kept in their own wheelchair also lowers the risk for the therapist. Fortunately, there is a solution that requires no assembly and no lifting. The FAWSsit™ Shower.

Using FAWSsit™ Shower is Easier

The shower can be set up anywhere where there is access to a sink and power. Patient stays seated in the wheelchair through the whole process. Depending on space available, it is possible to set up the shower with access from all sides for the therapist to tend to every detail of the bathing.  This is Impossible in conventional bathroom, even most wheelchair accessible ones. The privacy curtain can be in place for the client to maintain dignity that might otherwise not be provided with other bathing solutions.

FAWSsit B5000 Bariatric portable shower stall.

 on/off control and variable spray

Custom made pump capsule for removing up to 3 gallons of water per minute

All metal frame with a full 5-year warrenty

Mildew resistant

Double layer of reinforced vinyl with embedded foam wedge to direct water to back of pan

Folds flat for easy storage and transport

Our 3D printed blue drainage nozzle allows you to hand “vacuum” up any remaining water after use.

Key Features

Each of our FAWSsit™ portable showers is made of unbreakable anodized aluminum, making them perfect for long-term use. You’ll also love that our shower stalls are truly portable, and they are the only fully-assembled showers available on the market. That’s right: there’s no need to get a toolbox as there’s zero assembly or construction required. 

We invite you to hover on each icon to learn more about the components of our FAWSsit™ portable shower stalls.

FAWSsit™ Shower Models for Occupational Therapists

The FAWSsit™ Shower is designed specifically for individuals with disabilities, and there are 7 separate models to meet the needs of individuals who can use a standard sized wheelchair, for those who may need a little more space, those who require a very large unit, as for bariatrics, and a recliner model which gives a caregiver the ability to shower even an individual in a reclining wheelchair or a gurney.

Our FAWSsit™ portable shower floor is specially designed for easy access and water-proof use.

SS4040 Super Standard Shower


The Super Standard Shower is slightly over 30 pounds which makes it perfect for transporting to multiple patients. The shower is slightly larger than our standard model, giving ample room for the patient in a wheelchair to be rolled in and bathed comfortably while you stay dry outside of the shower.

The FAWSsit™ R3000 Recliner with a portable shower pan makes showers accessible to all!

R3000 Recliner Shower


The Recliner Shower is is the only portable shower on the market that can be set up anywhere there is room and can handle a full gurney. The height of this shower is lower so that the client can be reached and bathed easily while in a laying or reclined position. The R3000 comes with 2 suction wands to help eliminate water from the pan.

FAWSsit B5000 Bariatric portable shower stall.

B5000 Bariatric Shower


The Bariatric Shower is perfect for larger patients in bariatric wheelchairs, slightly reclined wheelchairs, or those that just want a bit more room. The slightly lower height, at 44”, enables care givers better access when reaching into the larger unit to assist with bathing.

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FAWSsit™ T4000 Tall shower stall perfect for able bodied persons


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