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The Home of Your Authentic FAWSsit™ Shower Replacement Parts

FAWSsit™ shower curtain custom replacement.

Shower Curtain

Our FAWSsit™ shower curtain is specially designed to resist mildew growth. It’s embedded with powerful germicide, heavyweight, and washable. Each of the shower curtains is customized to fit a specific FAWSsit™ portable shower unit so that you will always have the shower experience that you’ve come to know and love!

FAWSsit ™ replacement shower sprayer and parts.

Shower Sprayer

The FAWSsit™ shower sprayer features a quick-connect faucet attachment. This protects against any “blow-off” while showering. The on/off control and variable spray puts you in charge of your shower experience. The standard hose length is 15 feet, but longer hoses are also available upon request.

Get an original FAWSsit™ portable shower pan for replacement.

Drain Pan

The FAWSsit™ portable shower pan is made to withstand prolonged use. It consists of a double-layer of reinforced vinyl which allows for easy cleaning and moisture-resistance. The embedded foam wedge directs water to the back of the pan for removal. Durable Velcro™ straps attach the shower pan to the FAWSsit™ portable shower frame for a waterproof fit.

FAWSsit™ Shower drainage nozzle used to vacuum waste water from the drain pan

Drainage Wand

Our patented nozzle vacuums water from the drain pan, reducing the amount of shower waste that can clog the pump. It can be slipped out of its sleeve at the back of the drain pan and used to vacuum any excess water in the pan.

FAWSsit™ water pump for wastewater removal.

Water Pump

At FAWSsit™, we care about your comfort and safety. Our FAWSsit™ water pump is a uniquely designed pump capsule that is compact yet powerful. It is capable of removing up to 3 gallons of water per minute from the portable shower pan. Furthermore, it is UL certified for safety and is securely mounted to the FAWSsit™ shower frame where it is out of the way, but able to do an effective job. 

FAWSsit™ custom length drain hose for replacement.

Custom Length Drain Hose

The FAWSsit™ drain hose works with our custom-designed water pump to keep the portable shower pan free of wastewater as you shower. This drain hose comes in standard lengths of 15-25 feet and replaces the existing hose that was supplied with your FAWSsit™ portable shower unit. However, you’re not limited to this standard length as you can order a custom length for your drain hose.

FAWSsit™ laundry sundries bags.

Sundries Bags

Organize your shower with our FAWSsit™ sundries bags. These bags are made from blue mesh to allow for free water flow. They are durable and will hold all your hygiene products like shampoo and bath soaps for easy access.

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