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Tall Series Showers

Tall Series Showers

In The Office

Didn't have time to go home after pulling an all nighter with your team?
Having a FAWSsit™ Shower in the office makes it convenient to stay fresh and clean for any situation.

In The Field

Dealing with hazardous situations everyday?
A FAWSsit™ Shower as your backup means safety is a shower away.

On The Job

The job site can be a dirty place.
With the FAWSsit™ Shower on site, you don't don't have to be.

In Nature

Does the great outdoors leave you a bit itchy and sticky?
Let a FAWSsit™ Shower rinse away the outside so you don't bring it inside.

On The Track

Sports are meant to be messy.
Leave the track at the track with a FAWSsit™ Shower.

In The Groove

Did they dance til they dropped?
A FAWSsit™ Shower at the next big event can give them that not so sweaty second wind.
T4000 Tall Front View

The Perfect Bathing Solution

The Tall FAWSsit™ shower stall is designed for any individual who wishes to have a completely portable shower stall.  It is designed for use by those individuals who can either stand in a shower stall, or who can shower while seated in a standard wheelchair.   The Tall FAWSsit™ Shower is the perfect solution for individuals who may have a cabin, or who may simply want to have an additional shower available for use in their homes.  It can even be used while doing bathroom remodeling!  Contractors can appreciate the benefits this would bring to homeowners while re-modeling is underway.

IT IS THE PERFECT BATHING SOLUTION FOR EMERGENCIES TOO!  As hurricanes and the other disasters of recent years have taught us, we need to have better facilities for maintaining hygiene for massive numbers of individuals.  Even sports stadiums cannot provide for adequate bathing facilities when serving as emergency housing facilities.  And, with the threats of chemical and biological contamination, communities need to be set up to address the hazardous materials decontamination needs of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of individuals.  And, as the military more fully integrates both males and females in field operations, privacy and the quick set up of showering facilities is becoming ever more critical.  THIS IS WHERE THE TALL FAWSsit™ SHOWER IS THE BEST!

The sizes of the Tall Shower start at 36” wide by 36” deep, and stands a full 6 feet tall.  With these units, the person to be bathed can either step into the shower stall or be rolled into the shower stall in a standard style shower/commode or regular wheelchair.  A front shower curtain may be brought around to ensure water containment all the way around inside the unit and can give complete privacy.

The source of water for the Tall Series shower unit can be any standard sink faucet, or even a solar heated water bag. In stadiums or large emergency housing locations, multiple Tall Series Showers can be lined up and simply attached to restroom sinks.  A pump which pulls the waste water from the drain pan has a drain hose which can go straight to sink drain, or in the case of hazardous materials containment, the waste water hose can go directly into a containment unit.  For additional information and tips on using and maintaining the Tall FAWSsit™ portable shower, see Operations and Maintenance.

While the Tall Series Shower can be used in any home when re-modeling is either in progress or simply too expensive, it is critically beneficial for emergency housing and field use.  Because it can be ordered with either standard vinyl curtains or with special HazMat decontamination weight curtains, and it folds flat to less than 8 inches when not in use, it is easy to store and transport, but can be set up for whatever use is preferred or planned.


  • Off-white plastic germicide embedded privacy shower curtain
  • Flexible rubber faucet attachments
  • Double layer vinyl drain pan
  • Custom designed diaphragm wet/dry pump
  • Weight: 38 lbs.
  • 72 Inches Tall
    36 Inches Wide
    36 Inches Deep
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • 72 Inches Tall
    42 Inches Wide
    42 Inches Deep
  • Weight: 42 lbs.
  • 72 Inches Tall
    46 Inches Wide
    46 Inches Deep
T4000 Tall

 on/off control and variable spray

Custom made pump capsule for removing up to 4 gallons of water per minute

All metal frame with a full 5-year warranty

Mildew resistant

Double layer of reinforced vinyl with embedded foam wedge to direct water to back of pan

Folds flat for easy storage and transport

Our 3D printed blue drainage nozzle allows you to hand “vacuum” up any remaining water after use.

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FAWSsit™ T4000 Tall shower stall perfect for able bodied persons


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