FAWSsit R3000 Recliner portable shower stall.
The FAWSsit™ R3000 Recliner with a portable shower pan makes showers accessible to all!

Explore Our FAWSsit™ R3000 Recliner With Portable Shower Pan

The FAWSsit™ R3000 Recliner with a portable shower pan is the perfect bathing solution. We understand that mobility challenges arise for a variety of reasons. These can make daily activities (like hygiene upkeep) difficult to perform. However, we believe that everyone deserves a refreshing shower when and where they choose. This shower solution easily accommodates a caregiver and a patient in a reclining wheelchair or a gurney. With the FAWSsit™ R3000 Recliner, showers are an enjoyable experience for everyone! 

The FAWSsit™ R3000 Recliner

The FAWSsit™ R3000 Recliner is an innovative shower stall. It’s designed for individuals who need to have a caregiver present to assist with their bathing.  The R3000 Recliner is a completely portable, self-contained shower stall. The design ensures that a caregiver has full access to the patient for full-body cleaning activities. This shower stall is best used with shower/commode-style wheelchairs that are fully reclined.  The impressive length of the FAWSsit™ R3000 Recliner also makes it possible to accommodate gurneys. This means that unconscious persons can also be safely bathed. The R3000 Recliner is perfect for bathing high quadriplegics, cerebral palsy patients, and wounded soldiers awaiting treatment. The durable nature of the R3000 Recliner also makes it the perfect bathing solution for children with disabilities who have become too heavy to be easily lifted into traditional bathtubs. At FAWSsit™, we believe that everyone deserves to feel fresh and clean every day. And we make that a reality for all.

How the FAWSsit™ R3000 Recliner Works

The FAWSsit™ R3000 Recliner shower stall is 36 inches wide by 76 inches deep and stands 36 inches tall.  With this portable shower unit, the patient can be easily rolled into the shower stall in a reclined shower/commode-style wheelchair (or gurney).  

Once the patient is inside the shower stall, a front support bar is lowered. This action creates the fourth side of the portable shower pan. This pan consists of a double-layer of reinforced vinyl and it collects the wastewater from the shower. You can also pull around a front shower curtain to completely enclose the shower stall. This will ensure full water containment inside the portable shower unit.

How do you get water into the FAWSsit™ R3000 Recliner portable shower? That’s easy! The water source for this shower unit can be any standard sink faucet. You can even use a solar-heated water bag.  

The R3000 Recliner is also specially designed to keep the portable shower pan free from a buildup of wastewater. Our FAWSsit™ custom water pump can pull up to 4 gallons of water from the shower pan. The drain hose leads from the pump and it goes directly to the sink drain. In the case of hazardous materials containment, the wastewater drain hose can go directly into a containment unit.  For additional information and tips on using and maintaining the R3000 FAWSsit™ portable shower stall, please see the Operations and Maintenance manual.

Easy Storage and Transport

The FAWSsit™ R3000 Recliner is mainly intended for residential use by people with severe disabilities and who cannot or do not want to remodel. This portable shower stall folds flat to only about 15 inches in depth. This makes it easy to store and transport the R3000 Recliner. Furthermore, the FAWSsit™ R3000 Recliner is also relatively lightweight (approximately 44 pounds), so you can take it along on trips.

FAWSsit™ R3000 Recliner Specifications

The specifications of the R3000 Recliner include:

    • Off-white plastic germicide-embedded privacy shower curtain
    • Flexible rubber faucet attachments
    • Double-layer vinyl portable shower pan
    • Custom-designed diaphragm wet/dry water pump
    • 36 inches tall
    • 36 inches wide
    • 76 inches deep


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