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Safety and Quality of the FAWSsit™ Showers

Keep reading to learn how FAWSsit™ provides quality showers that are also safe for all to use.

The most critical requirements for bathing any individual with disabilities are safety, bathing effectiveness, and ease. At FAWSsit™, we provide completely safe quality showers.  These hallmarks make our FAWSsit™ portable shower the best solution for bathing individuals who cannot remodel for accessibility. Now let’s explore the unique features that are guaranteed to give you a pleasant and safe bathing experience!

The Pump

FAWSsit™ water pump for wastewater removal.

Only the FAWSsit™ Fold Away Wheelchair Showers are patented and hold Underwriter Laboratories (UL) certification for the safety of their custom pump.

What does this mean for the person who is using the FAWSsit™ shower? It means that the risks of electrocution from pumps that are left on the floor or left free-standing from the unit, or not tested and approved for safety are not a problem for the FAWSsit™ portable shower.

Only the FAWSsit™ showers have custom-designed, frame-mounted pumps designed to remove water from the shower pan while you shower. Residual water is not an issue with the FAWSsit™ shower. The pump runs while you’re showering, then as soon as the shower is completed, you can roll right out of the unit. Drying off and dressing can occur right after your shower – no need to wait for the shower pan to empty.

UL requires both a Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) plug and a full 11 feet of cord. So there is no concern for the cord or the plug being exposed to water, as there is with “off-the-shelf” pump systems.

The FAWSsit™ pump comes with a standard full one year warranty, which can be extended for an additional year for a small fee.

The Frame

Learn more about our durable aluminum frame.

The frame system for the FAWSsit™ portable showers is top-quality in the industry. It is also another significant safety feature.

FAWSsit™ showers come completely assembled, so no tools are required. The frames are constructed of anodized aluminum with marine-grade stainless steel connectors which are riveted and reinforced with strong corner gussets. There are no screws to come loose out of the frames (as occurs with PVC). And even though the FAWSsit™  frame is not intended to support lifting, in the event of a person leaning or pulling on the frame, it will not shatter or break like PVC.

With the unique, patented, folding frame design, only the FAWSsit™ requires no construction or assembly. It can also be folded flat to only 8 inches (for the Standard model) for easy storage after each use.

The best thing? Our frames come with a full 5-year warranty.

Showerhead and Hoses

FAWSsit ™ replacement shower sprayer and parts.

The showerhead attachment and wastewater return hoses come standard with a minimum of 15 feet of length. This length accommodates full-body access and gives lots of hose length between the sink and the FAWSsit™ shower unit. No splicing or hose extensions are needed. If a client has a special requirement for longer hoses, there is an additional charge for a custom length up to 30 feet.

And only the FAWSsit™ showers provide for both hands-free and hand-held showerheads. For the individual capable of doing independent showering, a custom clip-on showerhead arm holds the showerhead in place on the frame. That way, both hands can be free for shampooing or other showering activities. But, if access to other body parts is difficult with a mounted showerhead, the shower arm or just the shower head and hose can be easily removed from the frame so full-body access can be accomplished. There’s no need for any lifting or transferring from the wheelchair.

Water temperature and flow can also be easily and safely controlled from the sink faucet. And only FAWSsit™ showers come standard with the most adaptable faucet connector (which usually requires no adapter for a faucet). In most cases where oversized faucets are in use, the adapter which is shipped with all FAWSsit™ showers will enable easy attachment.

Usually, no plumber is required to set up or use a FAWSsit™ shower!

The Shower Pan

Get an original FAWSsit™ portable shower pan for replacement.

We’ve built many high-quality features into our patented FAWSsit™ design to ensure client safety. The shower pan is made of a strong, durable vinyl and fiberglass mesh with an embedded foam wedge to ensure a good seal. The shower pan is also germicide-imbedded to prevent mildew, and it comes with simple-to-use Velcro straps to hold the pan in place within the frame to ensure that no water leaks occur. Along with the custom-designed, self-priming pump (which can run wet or dry during showers), there is virtually no water build-up in the shower pan.

Shower Curtain

FAWSsit™ shower curtain custom replacement.

The FAWSsit™ shower curtains are heavyweight and made from germicide-imbedded vinyl which will last for years. These curtains are grommet-reinforced and can be easily removed and washed in a washing machine for continued long-term use. Replacement curtains are available.

Choose FAWSsit™ Portable Showers!

Only the FAWSsit™ designs high-quality showers that are a true alternative to bathroom remodeling, often at 1/10th or less of the cost!!

And most importantly, the FAWSsit™ shower is the ONLY portable shower that allows the client in a wheelchair to remain safely seated with no lifting or transferring required. Simply roll in, shower, and roll back out! There’s no need to wait for any assembly before showering or wastewater draining afterward. Comfort, dignity, and safety are all provided by the FAWSsit™ Fold Away Wheelchair Showers!

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