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The Effects of Poor Hygiene and How to Overcome the Challenges


Personal hygiene: it’s one of those delicate topics, but one that must be addressed. The effects of poor hygiene are far-reaching beyond the obvious health concerns. Failing to frequently wash your hands, brush your teeth, and take showers doesn’t just affect you. It affects everyone you interact with. So let’s talk about poor personal hygiene, its impact, and why we need to have daily routines to help keep our hygiene regimen headed in the right direction all the time.

What’s Poor Personal Hygiene?

Poor personal hygiene arises from either intentional or unintentional neglect of your body’s cleanliness and health requirements. Your body begins to look unhealthy, you experience unwanted health concerns, and your overall well-being is affected.

The Instances and Effects of Poor Hygiene

Let’s look at a few areas of concern when it comes to poor personal hygiene:

Body Odor

This is probably the most common evidence of poor personal hygiene. Not only does it lead to discomfort and an embarrassing situation for those around you, but there are also other consequences. You could develop allergies, constant itching, and the result of being socially isolated due to your condition.

When your sweat and the bacteria produced from your apocrine glands interact, it produces body odor. So the more there’s unwashed sweat, the bacteria increases, and the odor gets even worse. But it all starts with poor personal hygiene and bad behaviors like:

  • Infrequent showering.
  • Wearing dirty, smelly socks
  • Not airing your shoes
  • Not taking the time to wash your feet
  • Wearing smelly, stained, or dirty clothes each day
  • Not changing your underwear regularly

Bad Breath and Other Oral Health Concerns

Oral hygiene is essential

Bad breath (or halitosis) is another of the effects of poor hygiene that impacts your oral health. When you eat, the bacteria that are present on the food particles get stuck on your teeth. Unfortunately, as these bacteria digest, they produce a strong unpleasant odor that is associated with halitosis.

Poor oral hygiene leads to other problems like tooth decay and bleeding gums. The behaviors that lead to these oral diseases include:

  • Irregular brushing of your teeth
  • Not flossing every time you brush your teeth
  • Neglecting to clean your tongue when brushing your teeth
  • Drinking too many acidic drinks too often
  • Excessive smoking


Did you know that having the flu can be one of the effects of poor hygiene? You must know how to prevent contamination from any pathogens. You also need to know how to stop the spreading of your germs to other people. Some examples of poor hygiene behaviors in this instance include:

  • Not wearing a face mask when you don’t feel well
  • Not covering your sneezes and coughs with a cloth or your elbow
  • Still going to social gatherings even when you’re ill
  • Infrequent hand washing

Lice Infestation

Body lice infestation is quite uncomfortable and hazardous to your health. These lice are small insects that live and lay eggs in clothing and bedding. They also feed on the residues found on your skin.

Lice tend to colonize in your armpits and groin, as these are the areas with a lot of humidity. So, it’s important to take regular baths, and wear clean, fresh clothes each day to avoid any lice infestation.

Avoid doing the following to stave off any such infestation:

  • Infrequent showering
  • Not changing your bedding at least every week
  • Not washing your clothes very well
  • Wearing dirty and/or smelly clothes

The Disadvantages of Poor Hygiene

Exercise caution and reverse all effects of poor hygiene

Adverse Impact on Your Social Life

Poor physical hygiene leads to visible markers of poor health in your body. This makes others see you as a source of infections and diseases. For example, excessive coughing and sneezing without any attempt to cover your mouth, and emitting foul odors will lead to people avoiding you. They also won’t tell you what’s wrong, because each person’s hygiene is his/her responsibility.

It Affects Your Presentation

Your presentation is more than your communication skills – it’s the total package. Poor hygiene can negatively affect your presentation. It makes people perceive you differently and they may even make wrong judgments about your abilities and performance.

Adverse Impact on Your Career

Having poor personal hygiene can hinder your career advancement as well. Persons with such issues may have difficulties being promoted or earning pay increases. Furthermore, you may be subject to:

  • Jokes about your poor hygiene that damage your reputation at work
  • Lower self-esteem and confidence in yourself
  • Concerns about the possibility that you may pass contagious illnesses to other members of your team

Poor Personal Hygiene Dampens Your Romantic Life

No one wants to get close to someone with body odors, and who may be sick and/or contagious. So matters of lax personal hygiene will be a block to your ability to form a deep and meaningful romantic relationship.

FAWSsit Can Help You Overcome the Effects of Poor Hygiene

We’ve explored behaviors that lead to poor personal hygiene and its effects. At FAWSsit, we understand that mobility challenges can adversely impact your hygiene. Therefore, we provide several bathroom solutions for people with a range of mobility challenges. Our portable showers easily transform any faucet in your home into a self-contained shower stall. We invite you to explore how our product works to make it easy for you to keep yourself clean all the time. So contact us today to discuss which product works best for you and your needs.

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