R3000 Recliner
R3000 Recliner With Tilt Chair In

The perfect bathing solution

The R3000 Recliner FAWSsit™ shower stall is designed for individuals who require a care attendant for all bathing support.  It is a completely portable, self-contained shower stall, but it is designed for ease of access by the caregiver, and for use with shower/commode style wheelchairs that are fully reclined, or even for gurneys.  Because the R3000 accommodates up to 76” in length, even persons who may be unconscious can be safely bathed.  The R3000 is the perfect bathing solution for high quadriplegics, cerebral palsy patients, wounded soldiers awaiting treatment, or even children with disabilities who have become too heavy to be easily lifted into traditional bathtubs.

The size of the R3000 is 36” wide by 76” deep, and stands 36” tall.  With this unit, the person to be bathed can be rolled into the shower stall in a recliner style shower/commode style of wheelchair, or a gurney.  Once inside the shower stall, a front support bar is lowered so that the fourth side of the shower pan can be attached for wastewater collection and a front shower curtain may be brought around to ensure water containment all the way around inside the unit.

The source of water for the R3000 shower unit can be any standard sink faucet, or even a solar heated water bag.  And, there is a pump which pulls the waste water from the drain pan.  The drain hose from the pump can go straight to sink drain, or in the case of hazardous materials containment, the waste water hose can go directly into a containment unit.  For additional information and tips on using and maintaining the R3000 FAWSsit™ portable shower, see Operations and Maintenance.

While the R3000 is primarily intended for use at home for people with severe disabilities, and who do not want to remodel, the R3000 folds flat to only about 15 inches in depth so it can be easily stored and transported for emergency use as well.  Because it weighs approximately 44 pounds, it is lightweight for transport.


  • Off-white plastic germicide embedded privacy shower curtain
  • Flexible rubber faucet attachments
  • Double layer vinyl drain pan
  • Custom designed diaphragm wet/dry pump
  • 36 Inches Tall
    36 Inches Wide
    76 Inches Deep


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